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Wednesday, November 7, 2012



Long and Short Reviews welcomes Paul Xavier Jones, whose latest book Ameca J and the Legacy of Menindus was released by Storyteller Publishing in October. The second book of the series will be coming out in December.

I asked Paul to tell us about his family.

"My wife is Mandy, and we’ve been married 23 years. We both knew each other in school, and if you’d asked us both then would we ever believe we’d be married to each other, we would both probably have answered that we were the least likely partners we could think of. My oldest daughter is Ameca (16), and the youngest is Fraya(12). The Ameca J series is obviously based around their physical and mental traits, and when I wrote them originally, for them to learn how to get along with each other! That never worked…"

He's currently working on a sequel to his sci fi thriller, Boundary Limit, which is called No Boundaries, and next year he will be writing the fifth book in the Ameca J series, which is as yet untitled. He's also working on a short story for a friend called "Tales from Talgarth," which is aimed at younger readers.

"What inspired you to start writing?" I asked.

"I started writing after a colleague came into my office and showed off his new book. When I saw it and read it, I thought to myself, there’s no reason I couldn’t write a book. My first book was dedicated to my late Grandfather, who raised me. I previously wasn’t very good at finishing big projects, but I knew if it was dedicated to him, then I would feel so guilty if I didn’t finish it that it would drive me to do it." This was in 2003 and his first book was published in 2007. He's written seven books since then, but with the publication of the Ameca J series by Storyteller Publishing, he told me that he considers himself "'more' of a writer."

In his opinion, the plot is important—it has to be believable and the author has to emphasize plot points so the reader remembers them and makes logical links.

"I also think it’s fairly important to use senses based descriptions to make the book came alive," he told me. "That means not only showing the readers what the characters see, but what they smell, touch, taste and hear."

The hardest part of writing for Paul is fitting it into his day job.

"I run two businesses which are service based and depend on my personal time, so trying to get writing in as well is really tricky. It usually involves throwing my laptop open on a train or in a café before I start work," he explained.

When he's not working or writing, he loves watching his local regional rugby team, the Ospreys, and their neighbours the Scarlets, as long as they’re not playing against each other. He llikes to read when he has the time, but apart from that, his weekends are generally spent being a taxi service for his kids.

"Do you hear from your readers much?" I asked. "What do they say?"

"I get comments mainly by Facebook, asking me when the next in a particular series is going to be written and released, or in the case of some of my fans, nagging about when it may be released, which incidentally is a fantastic feeling for a writer to have."

About the Author:
Paul Xavier Jones is a Welsh writer living in the Swansea Valley with his wife and two daughters. Xavier is his pen name, based on an old nickname.

Paul is and always has been an avid sci fi and fantasy fan, graduating from Marvel and DC comic book superheroes to the realms of Middle Earth and Cimmeria. Authors who have influenced Paul’s thinking and writing are Stephen King, Dean Koontz, J R Tolkien, Robert E Howard, Edgar Rice Boroughs, Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler and more recently, Andy McNab.

His own work is Epic Fantasy (the Ameca J Series) and Science Fiction Thrillers (Boundary Limit).

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Teenage life seems vastly unfair to fourteen year old Ameca—or Ameca J, as she prefers to be called—always being pressured by her Dad to watch out for her stupid and annoying ten year old sister, Fraya. But when the girls are mysteriously transported by The Spirit to a dangerously different world populated by medieval Men, noble Elves, magnificent Dragons, and savage creatures, Ameca’s whole perspective has to change—and change quickly if they are to escape the clutches of an evil entity known as the Scelestus, who wants them for the magical powers they did not even know they possessed.

Their stressed out and overworked father, Paul is summoned by The Spirit to join his daughters in the mythical land of Mythrania, where he learns that they are “the One, the Flame, and the Flower.” They are the heirs to the legendary High Magi, Menindus, who foretold of their coming to save this world and their own…But this is no fairytale; the dark entity known as the Scelestus has a plan to harness the power of the universe and to completely dominate all life…Can Ameca and her family stop the Scelestus, and prevent a catastrophe that would see the enslavement of countless worlds, as well as the destruction of their own…?

Part II of the Ameca J Chronicles

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